Afternoon on the farm

       I have an awesome job.  Not only do I feel valued as an employee, get to work with awesome people, have a great work environment, AND it is in a field that I am passionate about. but when I tell manager that my goat Gracie has escaped the fence (calls from neighbors I never thought I would get) she doesn’t hesitate to laugh before letting me off to go chase her down.  I f you have never checked out Astral’s stuff, give it a look!  After a fun hour of shaking grain at the goat and cursing under my breath, she was returned home.  Michael got home shortly after and we got to celebrate that we were both home together before the sun set!


This little girl is literally only preserved by her own cuteness


I have embraced the fact that I am now a crazy goat lady

All of the rain has gifted our pigs with mud

Babs reminds me of a cartoon character, do you see her little smile?


A reward after a long day

Everyday is an adventure and I couldn’t be happier to spend it with this handsome man

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