Gracie and the Getaway

First, let me introduce you to my freakishly adorable and hopefully pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goat, Gracie.

I am a little biased, but her two toned horns did me in from the moment I met her. I mean could you ever look at those sweet little ears and curious head tilt and feel anything but happiness?  I am here to tell you yes, yes you could.



Gracie is our escape goat.  Even though we greatly reinforced our goat fencing from when we first had our goats,  Gracie is in the habit of simply squeezing under our electric fence without so much as a flinch.  Some would say to build a better fence (but who has a couple extra thousand sitting around on a homestead?) instead we decided to utilize our farm dogs.

Although when Jackson actually catches up to the goat he just stops in startled confusion and looks around with a “what now?” face, he is our goat herding savior!  Now, even when Jackson is inside we can simply call “Jackson, get the goat!” and gracie ducks back into the confines of the fence.  Not a permanent solution, but definitely an entertaining one!

Jackson smiling to a chorus of “good boy!” even though his little brother is licking his face.

Folly is still a little… slow… on the goat herding.  His most recent tactic “stare at the goat adorably” has not proven very effective.  Hopefully he learns to be a better herding dog from Jackson soon!

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  • I’m with Jackson: *stares at goat adoringly*

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