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The Cultivation of a Human Being

So, maybe farming isn’t all fun and games. It has been a long week of working full time as a bookkeeper and then coming home to yet another full time job of taking care of our animals. To exacerbate the situation my beloved and I are working different hours and I miss the guy.  All of this individually could be manageable…

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The Acquisition of Our Hogs

Images of children snuggling with happy pink swine in fields of flowers from the blog posts I had devoured over the last few hours danced through my mind as I searched Craigslist for piglets in my area.  After learning more about the inhumane processes involved in factory farming, I was determined to be a better consumer.  It took only a…

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Humility in Homesteading

“If it can’t hold water, it won’t hold a goat” These are words you would be wise to live by.  Everything I had read online said that the only electric fence option for goats was Electric Mesh Fencing, but when the friendly and seemingly experienced man at Tractor Supply told us that all we would need for dwarf goats was…

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Craigslist is Dangerous; How We Ended Up With a Bottle Baby.

Hello.  My name is Casey and I am addicted to Craigslist. Not all of Craigslist, mind you; just the “Farm and Garden” section has become my obsession. Chickens, goats, coops, tools, animal feed…you name it!  I stay up late scouring the latest additions and day dreaming about how to work them into my homestead. But really y’all, Craigslist is dangerous. …

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