The Reality of Life

Growing up hunting taught me a healthy respect for life and death.  My father instilled in me the understanding and respect of hunting as a way to obtain delicious meat and a form of wildlife management.  My dad Carl grew up impoverished in a minuscule coal mining town in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The family often relied … read more

The Start of Our Wild Ride

As I’m sure you are aware, life is a wild ride. Here is mine 5 years: 5 states Colorado to Washington to Missouri to Maryland to North Carolina. Just recently: got fired from a super solid job, hit the road just to drive in circles for months, relocated to Asheville, North Carolina with a wild … read more

Why the Hog Did We Do This?

After binge reading homesteading blogs, images of children snuggling with happy pink swine in fields of flowers danced through my mind as I searched Craigslist for piglets in my area.  After learning more about the inhumane processes involved in factory farming, I was determined to be a better consumer.  It took only a split second … read more