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The Reality of Life

Growing up hunting taught me a healthy respect for life and death.  My father instilled in me the understanding and respect of hunting as a way to obtain delicious meat and a form of wildlife management.  My dad Carl grew up impoverished in a minuscule coal mining town in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The family often relied on the bounty of the…

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The Cultivation of a Human Being

So, maybe farming isn’t all fun and games. It has been a long week of working full time as a bookkeeper and then coming home to yet another full time job of taking care of our animals. To exacerbate the situation my beloved and I are working different hours and I miss the guy.  All of this individually could be manageable…

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Craigslist is Dangerous; How We Ended Up With a Bottle Baby.

Hello.  My name is Casey and I am addicted to Craigslist. Not all of Craigslist, mind you; just the “Farm and Garden” section has become my obsession. Chickens, goats, coops, tools, animal feed…you name it!  I stay up late perusing the latest additions and day dreaming about how to work them into my homestead. But really y’all, Craigslist is dangerous. …

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