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Why the Hog Did We Do This?

After binge reading homesteading blogs, images of children snuggling with happy pink swine in fields of flowers danced through my mind as I searched Craigslist for piglets in my area.  After learning more about the inhumane processes involved in factory farming, I was determined to be a better consumer.  It took only a split second for me to realize I…

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Craigslist is Dangerous; How We Ended Up With a Bottle Baby.

Hello.  My name is Casey and I am addicted to Craigslist. Not all of Craigslist, mind you; just the “Farm and Garden” section has become my obsession. Chickens, goats, coops, tools, animal feed…you name it!  I stay up late perusing the latest additions and day dreaming about how to work them into my homestead. But really y’all, Craigslist is dangerous. …

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